Main⊃Ship Components

Ship Components


Main Thruster

Voshkod Energia IV
STC Silver
HE 5.3
HE 4.3
HL 2.4
STC Blue
Magma Jet

Manuevering Thruster

TM-4 Slider
Scalpel Precision
Omni Precision

Ship Weapons

Neutron Guns and Cannons

NN-13 Neutron Gun
NN-14 Neutron Cannon

Laser Cannons

M3A Laser Cannon
M4A Laser Cannon
Omnisky III Laser Cannon
Omnisky VI Laser Cannon

Laser Repeaters

CF-007 Bulldog
CF-117 Badger
CF-227 Panther


Suckerpunch Distortion Cannon
Suregrip Tractor Beam

Mass Drivers

Sledge II Mass Driver Cannon

Ballistic Cannons

9-Series Longsword Ballistic Cannon
11-Series Broadsword Ballistic Cannon
Tarantula GT-870 Ballistic Cannon
Tarantula GT-870 MK3 Ballistic Cannon

Ballistic Repeaters

SW16BR2 Sawbuck

Ballistic Gatling

Mantis GT-220

Ship Missiles

Proximity Missiles

Marksman I Fire-and-Forget IR
Spark I Dumbfire
Tempest II Target Lock Cross-Section

Cluster Missiles

Rattler II Target Lock IR

Strike Missiles

Taskforce I Target Lock EM
Strikeforce II Fire-and-Forget Cross-Section
Ignite II Fire-and-Forget IR
Dominator II Target Lock EM

Shield Generator


Power Plants

Alliance Startech KS-9 (Aurora ES)
Alliance Startech KS-9 Enhanced (Aurora MR)
Juno Starwerk Endurance 300 (Aurora CL)
A&R LR-5 Max OverDrive (Aurora LN & LX)
ACOM StarHeart III (300I)
Alliance Startech K3S-9 (315P)
Wei-Tek VHT2 Plus (325A)
ACOM StarHeart IV (350R)
Ace Astrogation FusionPro 3H III (F7A Hornet)
Lightning Powerbolt (F7C Hornet, F7C-R Hornet)
Sakura Sun Light Blossom 6HE8A (F7C-S Hornet Ghost)
A&R LR-7 ULTRA OverDrive (F7C-M Super Hornet)
Powerfountain 2+
Groupe Nouveau Paradigme Etoile-00 (Freelancer)
Wei-Tek HFR2 Plus (Constellation)
ACOM StarLight II (P-52 Merlin)

Main⊃Ship Components

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