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The Hated
Location: Some where in the Ammar Low Security Systems;
Date: Unknown
Pilot: Cpt. Erigen Carferax
Ship: Lasting Legacy
Class: Stratios Cruiser

So.. here I am, sitting in my ship staring out the front view port and waiting. Waiting for that sorry piece of space trash to drift into my scanners. Hard to think that only a month ago I was minning for my Empire. So much has changed in this great sky according to my grandfather. He used to tell me of the days when Concord wasn't in complete control, and the Amar Empire was a mighty force to be reackoned with. Yet here I am, Captain of my own cruiser, hunting the very Pirate that destroyed my last ship. I know, I know, there is the code of New Eden simply put "Fly what you can afford to loose." I guess some of those Capsule pilots don't have to really worry about that huh? I wish the Jove hadn't given us that technology.

Checking D-scan is a pain, but I have to keep Jericho on it. If not we could miss this guy and he will leave system. I know where he is, I know what he is in, and I know he is waiting on me as well. Seriously, this guy is just relaxing on the station undock at Moon V. You would think that being a Pirate this station wouldn't let him dock but when your Empire literally keeps them in your pocket you make a home for them. Yeah, I said it, Amarr has Pirates in their pocket and it's no secret. Who do you think funds the aggressive nature in those who raid the Minmatar and Gallente trade lanes? It's no real secret and it's never denied. Just deflected to the side and burried under buearoucratic bullshit. It's gotten far worse ever since Empress Jamyl was slain by that Rouge Jove Faction. What did they call themselves? Drifters... right.. bastards.

I don't know what is worse though, the fact that 20 of their Battleships wipped out a Titan class monster in a matter of seconds, the fact that our own navy was slaughtered to the point that Capsuleers had to come and help, or the fact that some of those Capsuleer scum even honor them by naming their ships, corporations, and alliances after them. Some days I wish I could actually shoot them down, but Concord wouldn't allow that. Can't have any form of combat without filling out a mountain of forms. Thanks to the damn Minmatar the Concord Police force were given more control and thus, my life seemed safer. That was until my minning ship was blown up by some raider with a desire to get his rocks off to the destruction of non combat industry.

Seriously, I was just as happy flying through the Rocks and minning what my Empire needs to build more ships to fuel the warhorse. I was originally part of the 3rd Detachment of Rock Crushers. Part of the Amar industrial complex set to build the warships and weapons needed to keep our borders safe. Lot of good that did me, Concord didn't even respond since they called it "Necessary aggression." Seriosly! I lost 15 men on that Minning Barge and those were good strong men. I guess that is the life you live when you are not immortal like those Capsuleers. We little people are just fodder, so what if we number in the trillions. The common man is nothing more than unknown and unseen casualties of this universe.

I honestly don't know what is worse though, the fact that we are so far down in the totem pole that even SCOPE doesn't report our plight. The only time we were mentioned in that holier than thou news was when the first Citadels were destroyed and we all cried out in rage. I mean they swore to us that Citadels would be safe, that Capusleers would ensure safety and protection for us as we moved up in the world. I guess they forgot that Capusleers love to fight with themselves. They fight, fight, some corporations are great to work for though. Some are lucky to avoid all conflict and rarely have a situation where a ship goes down. Then there are some that all they do is fly out just to be blown up and destroyed. No one ever cries about them, the hundreds and millions of people on those ships who signed up only because they had no other option. A man at the end of his rope, his family starving, his whole world in shambles.. will gladly take an insurance policy out on himself despite the ships own insurance, and willingly die so that his kids will have food for a while. I've seen it, sitting in the Throne worlds station, that golden tower of hypocrisy, that Royal Academy for those privaldged enough to live there for free.

I met a man in a bar while I was stationed there after getting my special Sisters of Eve Cruiser. He was down, he was sad, he was looking for any method to provide for his family. He looked like he had walked himself through hell to start with. His jacket full of holes, his face covered in scars and burn marks. What had he went through to end up where he was. He showed me a picture, I wish he hadn't done that, what I saw will always haunty my dreams and my memory. Two frail looking boys, and a woman who appeared that in better times she would have been beautiful. He told me that he was willing to join a Pirate operation, at least they pay you for the time you put in. However they all turned him down since he wasn't a registered citizen of Amarr. So he was at the bottom of the line, the look of life was already gone from his eyes when the announcement was heard. A Gallente ship, Catalyst class, bare fit.. we all knew. We all knew... and none of us stopped him. He and about 30 other men marched out, shoulders slumped, head hung low. Even the halls cleared the way for them, watched them as they punched their tickets for the last time. They have their own shuttle you know? It's the best one the station can provide, on board is the same thing to a last meal as one would expect.

I mean all we can do is watch them, the Empire knows where they are going, Concord, everyone.. but we don't stop them. How can we? They work for a God as it were. A man or woman who can fly out, get killed, and just wake up like it was just a bad dream. How can we even hope to compete with that? They have the boosters, the implants, the moduals that make their smallest ships a force to be reackoned with. We just wonder how many will be on the death board this time? Capsuleers call those ships with bare fits gankers, we call them coffins. When that side of the Capsule pilots started to pull stunts like that, we held hope, maybe an escape pod to get everyone off. Then Concord stepped up their own game, I don't think they realize that the instant destruction of the ships, gives none of the crew hope of getting to safety. Only the desperate take those jobs though, only those who truly gave up on life volunteer and sign up for that one way trip. Poor Bastards...

Yet despite all of this, we as humans still carry on, living our lives like this is just another day. I even found out that quite possibly our great Amar nation may be ruled by a Capsuleer soon. Not one from a Royal family, but your run of the mill pilot. They held a competition and this time they didn't restrict it to the Royal families only. I guess it wont be any different than before. Yet here I am, cloaked up and staring down the barrel of my own agenda. I might not even live long enough to see who will rule our great empire. I'm just glad that I'm not on a gank ship, flying off to my own death and knowing it. At least here I have a chance, that chance that knows I'm here and watching him.

He moved, this is it, go time. I sent in my reports and the Empire knows what I am doing. So if they were going to stop me, they would have done it by now. Here we go, he's heading to a planet and I'm not about to let this guy land. We engaged warp... If I survive this, I'll be sure to put more information into this.. what is this damn thing Reg? A what? A log book? Isn't that a fancy word for Journal? What ever, it is beneficial, I can rant to it and not really worry about much. Who knows.. maybe I can go home and see my fami... *END*
 2016-09-19   2016-09-19 10:57   Baron Redwolfe   0   23 
The Bastard Amarrian
The Amarrian Race, a race of Terran's who feel they are given divine right by God to be the Soul rulers of the space known as New Eden. Their legions of Ships move from the golden skies of the Amarr home-worlds and move upon the dirty brown realms of the Minmatar. Their only goal is to subjugate and oppress those they feel are lesser. Those they claim are meant to be under their righteous boots of God given glory. Only the Amarrian's are allowed to rule, only they are allowed to take control of the New Eden systems and reign supreme over all Terran's who were trapped along with them for the only purpose of being ruled over and shown the glory of God. However, there are some among them that feel that such a leadership isn't really what they want. That it isn't meant to be with one race ruling the constellations. Those whom resist the mind numbing, and brain molding teachings of the Amarrian church, they are forever shunned and hated till the day they die. What if that person was a Capsuleer, and what if they never died though?

Those among the God's chosen who become Immortal and forever denied the glory that is heaven above, what good is it to oppress and rule over others? Some see it as a sign of power, and being undying that only means they get to keep what material things they find forever. Some venture off into the unknown parts of space and join with other immortal beings that fly the ships that flood the space lanes. From Dodixie, to Rens they fill the heavens with their presence and refuse to let any one empire have sovereignty over them. They form their own corporations, they form alliances and coalitions. Lay claim to the wild lands of Low Sec where Concord dare not tread. Adventure into the turmoil realms of Wormholes and battle with the ancient machines left behind by those who came long before the Terran's and the Eve Gate. Some, take a third path...

Some of the Amarrian pilots, those who worked their way up, became chosen, and were granted the rights to become immortal. Some have chosen to forsake the very home that gave them the power. To join the forces of the oppressed and fight against family and loved ones they chose to leave behind. While those they once called mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters pass on and die like any mortal, these pilots forsake all their families stood for. They rise up with beam and pulse lasers of might to join the ballistic hell of firepower fired from Hodge podge of ships that seem they could fall apart at the seams. These pilots are often considered the Bastards of Amarr. Their own home show's such a disgust for them that their own Navy will open fire without hesitation.

Those select few give up hopes of visiting their home-worlds, and fight for the rusted masses that have ran from the God driven Empire that seeks to control them because of words upon a page tells them. These pilots fly into the maw of the once were slaves, fight along side those their own families have traumatized and beaten. They pick up the pieces and join the anger that boils over every day from the memories that will never die. While non Capsuleer pilots and Amarrian prestige have left to secretly support the cause of those who simply wish to live with out fear of Slaver hounds and roaming Slavers from the Empire.

These Bastards are pushed into such a standing that they are incapable or returning home, then again why would they? To rejoin an empire of blind leading the blind, the sheep who believe the words of a God that tells them to hate all who are not them? New Eden, was meant to be a home of peace and prosperity. Now it lies on the brink of constant turmoil that could erupt into a war of all wars. Some day the constant faction warfare will no longer be enough. For now, Amarrian Bastards will continue to appear and more will continue to be found as the disgust of the oppression and slavery will continue to drive those with king and righteous hearts into doing the right thing.

Baron Redwolfe
Blood Knight commander
Amarrian Bastard
 2016-07-27   2016-07-27 10:46   Baron Redwolfe   0   37